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Q: What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?
A: A Virtual Assistant, sometimes known as a Virtual Secretary or Virtual PA, is a highly skilled individual who can provide a vast range of business functions from administrative support to a full PA role.

Q: Is a Virtual Assistant employed by me?
A: No, a Virtual Assistant is not an employee or temp, they are a self-employed contractor who works for you on a freelance basis. Therefore you have no employee/employer obligations or payroll requirements.

Q: How will I get the work to you?
A: Using constant advances in technology and methods of communication, combined with evolving IT infrastructures, what was once restricted to the traditional working environment can now be outsourced very effectively. As well as electronic methods of data transfer you can also post or deliver work to us, or alternatively, we will collect within a 10 mile radius.

Q: Does the work have to be done remotely?
A: With today's technology it is cost effective and time saving to carry out most tasks remotely, however a Free2be Virtual Assistant would be more than willing to provide on-site assistance in certain circumstances, such as reception cover where a visual presence is required or on-site event services.

Q: What if I need to discuss a lengthy project or on-going requirements with you?
A: Some clients never meet their Virtual Assistant and are happy with that arrangement, but for others an initial face to face meeting is an important part of the relationship building process. At Free2be we are happy to visit your premises or meet with you for an initial consultation to discuss your requirements.

Q: Do I have to commit to a certain amount of time with you?
A: No, using a Virtual Assistant means you enlist on our services as and when you need them, all work carried out by Free2be is charged by the minute and you only pay for the time you use.

Q: What if I have an urgent deadline that requires evening or weekend work?
A: One of the advantages of using a Virtual Assistant is that they are available, with prior arrangement, to work outside normal office hours.

Q: What am I waiting for?
A: Nothing, simply pick up the phone and call 07979 598023 to discuss your requirements.