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For small businesses day to day tasks can be time consuming, stressful and more importantly can stop you from running and building your business in an effective way. Your Virtual Assistant can ensure you have consistent support and take on the role of Secretary, Book-keeper, PA, Marketing Assistant and any other routine functions that are vital to keep your company ticking along. For larger companies, using a Virtual Assistant for one-off projects, presentation preparation, proof reading and lead follow-up can prove to be highly cost effective and eliminates the need for recruiting additional staff where the need may be short-term.

Whether you are an individual, small business or large organisation, if you recognise any of the following scenarios then a Free2be Virtual Assistant can provide professional, cost effective and efficient secretarial and administrative business support.

  • Do you spend considerable time on non-revenue generating administrative tasks?
  • Could you save time by using expert help on specific tasks such as invoicing and credit control?
  • Does your answer machine or voice mail pick up calls because you are away from the office or on another call?
  • Do the needs of your business vary from month to month meaning that flexible help would be useful?
  • Do you want to avoid taking on staff and the responsibilities that they entail, but need more resource?
  • Is keeping on top of day-to-day administration becoming more of a struggle?

  • Do you want to tap into extra resources but need to keep the costs down, so only want to pay for the time you actually use?

If you can answer YES to one or more of these questions then you would, without a doubt, benefit from the services of a Free2be Virtual Assistant, either on an ongoing basis or for one-off projects.

Benefits at a glance:

Increase productivity by...

  • Freeing up valuable time to spend on more creative and productive profit generating tasks.
  • Having instant access to a highly skilled virtual assistant who is able to offer a broad spectrum of services.
  • Providing the consistency of having a specific virtual assistant assigned to your business, allowing them to gain an understanding of your organisation thus removing the need for repeat training.

Eliminate Employee/Employer obligations

  • No PAYE/NI costs.
  • No sick pay, holiday pay or other leave of absence pay.
  • Reduces ongoing training cost associated with staff turnover.
  • Save costs on office space and equipment.
  • No recruitment costs or time consuming interview processes.
  • No legal responsibilities, such as redundancy or pay/employee disputes.


  • Your Virtual Assistant is available at times to suit your business needs, even if they fall outside normal working hours.
  • Only pay for the services and time you actually utilize.
  • Use the services of your Virtual Assistant for as little or as much time as YOU need them.
  • A comprehensive range of skills and services available from one source.

Enhances Company image

  • A Free2be Virtual Assistant will provide an efficient, reliable and professional service every time.
  • Projects and assignments are complete on time to agreed deadlines.
  • Benefits from the knowledge of over 20 years experience in all aspect of business, ranging from small business start up to multi-national organisations.
  • Increased presence to clients or potential clients, never miss another call, follow up leads within a specified deadline - gain the edge over competitors.